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Chris Carter Pottery

Welcome to Chris Carter Pottery.

Chris Carter has been a studio potter for over 45 years. His personal involvement with farming and the landscape give him a special empathy with his native Britain. He has worked the land for a living and still works with some of the substance of that "land" to make his vessels.

Within the many layers of his unique glazes, that are first built up and then partially taken back with abrasion and multiple firings, there is contained a search for the essence of an ancient landscape and for the shadows of its creators.
These gleanings, so passionately sought, reveal themselves only gradually, like flint artefacts occasionally turned up by the plough. His facination and curiosity with the natural world has led his work to develop into new and exciting sculptural forms. 

This website is designed to show some some of the work and thoughts of this important 21stC. studio potter.


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